Course Outline


  • Overview of Lumen features and architecture
  • Basic concepts and components

Getting Started

  • Installing Lumen
  • Defining route parameters
  • Setting up a middleware
  • Configuring controllers
  • HTTP requests and responses

Creating Microservices

  • Building the authors' model
  • Generating test data
  • Managing authors with controllers
  • Creating routes for CRUD operations
  • Standardizing responses

Implementing Microservices Functions

  • Showing the list of microservices authors
  • Creating new author instances
  • Identifying an author with a given ID
  • Editing an existing author
  • Removing an author from a microservice

Implementing Gateway Functions

  • Setting up a project for API Gateway using Composer
  • Obtaining list of authors through Gateway controllers
  • Creating authors using Gateway controllers and services
  • Showing, editing, and deleting author instances
  • Performing operations using microservices
  • Handling Gateway errors

Securing Microservices Architecture

  • Enabling Lumen Passport components
  • Configuring Lumen to use Passport
  • Protecting Gateway routes
  • Using access tokens for API Gateway
  • Authenticating API Gateway requests
  • Restricting direct access to the author service

Managing Users and Access Tokens

  • Migrating users from Laravel
  • Creating controller and routes for managing users
  • Refining details for user operations
  • Creating users and using their credentials to obtain tokens
  • Identifying authenticated users through access token

Troubleshooting Tips and Best Practices

Summary and Next Steps


  • PHP programming experience.


  • Developers
 14 Hours

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