Course Outline

Introduction to Zend Framework

  • Overview of Zend Framework features and architecture
  • Unique modular design and component library concept
  • Use cases and benefits for enterprise-ready PHP web applications

Setting Up the Environment

  • Installing Zend Framework
  • Configuration and project setup using containers

Zend Framework Basics

  • Understanding the Model-View-Controller (MVC) paradigm
  • Exploring the unique modular design
  • Leveraging component library for modular development

Building a Database-Based Web Application

  • Designing and implementing the database schema
  • Utilizing MVC design patterns for efficient application structure
  • Handling database interactions with Zend Framework

Form Handling and Validation

  • Receiving and processing forms in Zend Framework
  • Implementing input validation for data integrity
  • Creating dynamic views and templates for form presentation

Event Handling and Services in Zend Framework

  • Exploring the various types of MVC events
  • Utilizing services offered by Zend Framework MVC component library
  • Enhancing application functionality with event-driven architecture

Executing Queries with Database Adapter

  • Preparing and executing queries using Zend Framework database adapter
  • Implementing efficient and secure database interactions
  • Leveraging Zend Framework tools for query optimization

Advanced Topics

  • Best practices for scalable and reliable web applications
  • Security considerations in Zend Framework
  • Performance optimization techniques

Summary and Next Steps



  • A solid foundation in PHP language and object-orientated programming


  • Intermediate to advanced PHP developers seeking to develop secure, enterprise scale web-applications
 21 Hours

Number of participants

Price per participant